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Literal Algebra

৳ 500.00 ৳ 375.00

By Manoj Dutta

‘Literal Algebra’ is the book of selected poems of Manoj Dutta, translated from Bengali to English. The poet himself selected the translated poems. At the last of all poems, a portion of the epic ‘Return Again and Again’ has been included. The poems are in Bengali in origin and translated without any modification or change in original Bengali purport. Hence sometimes some of the English grammatical rules couldn’t be followed, though it is not mandatory in poetries.
The poet thinks that the poems, poetries or the epic of this book are a part of mathematical calculation with the words, expression of meaning and the perception of the readers. The readers have liberty to sort a new formula from the poems and solve the mysterious algebra ending in different results.


Cover theme : Assembling literature in formula!

ISBN: 978-984-93647-0-2
Imprint: M K Dutta Publication Forum
On Sale: 16 Dec 2018
List Price: BDTk. 500.00
US$ 50.00
Copyright © Protected
Cover & design : Manoj Dutta


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